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Postby Pyrrhus Sertorius » Wed Feb 12, 2014 9:19 am

The Minmatar people have chosen a style which shows such lowness and submission, that it has pierced me with as sensible a grief as my soul is capable of feeling. I am covered with confusion for my people’s shameful condition, which they have brought upon themselves; and I cannot but help to show them how wretched is this circumstance.

Though they intended good, they have instead brought about misery and a lot worse than death; there is no kind of death as repugnant as the life they have saved and won for themselves. Though the hour is late and the future dark, can we be saved by no other expedient other than the placation of our former masters? Certainly destruction is preferable to a public life such as this!

No we must resolve not merely to seem to be, but instead to actually be. We must reclaim proudly the Minmatar name, and across the stars with hard won victories wreck and smote the ruin of our enemy. Such is my resolve, and I will not change in my course except in death.


23 year old pre-service teacher from Western Australia. I teach history, philosophy and ethics, and classics. Within EVE I spent a little over two months in EVE University, where I was a Personnel Officer, and regular FC of Noobs on Patrol, I had an account about 6 years ago or so actually - but I lost the email and cannot remember the name for it sadly :( Ah well I am enjoying my new life as Pyrrhus :D

I am excited to fly out with you guys and to learn and help where and as much as I can :)

"A sledgehammer breaks glass but forges steel."
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