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Postby That Guy Preddz » Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:24 pm

In my early years as a capsuleer I was mis guided and made many wrong decisions.
My first was being loyal to the Amarr.
I was a wayward child, orphaned at birth and raised by the slaver who owned me.
While growing up I was ridiculed for being an outsider who could never accept the faith.

I took it upon myself to learn about who I really was.
While enrolled in the Amarr navy I was researching into who I really was (although the research was minimal because of how biased the books were)
I eventually abandoned my old life and restarted as who I truly was, a Minmatar.
I want to fight for the Minmatar people and extinguish the Amarr race from the face of New Eden for what they have done.

IRL: I am a 19 yr old IT analyst in the UK who enjoys playing multiple games in my spare time especially EVE.
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