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Postby Padaxes » Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:14 pm

Mon Skors application

Masuat'aa Matari, I am here to answer your call.

For far too long i have sat idly by and let the horrors of the Amarr empire go unchallened. For far too long i have allowed these monsters to enslave, tortue and murder my fellow Matari while i simply sat by. For far too long i have done nothing, but today i shall remain silent no more. I am here to answer your call because i have failed my people. I have failed every Matari currently enslaved for i, while located in Amarr itself, have done nothing to assist in their freedom out of fear of retrebution from the Amarr forces. But today i shall remain in fear no longer. Today my experince working for the Core Complextion Inc in Amarr space has gave me a certian perspective. It does not matter how much money you make, or how much you please a corperation, as long as a fellow Matari remains enslaved none of us are truely free.

I sit here now, sending this message from my quaters a mere two jumps from Amarr in the hope that by answering the call i can redeem myself for my failure to assist our people.

OOC: Currently a 7.5m SP toon sitting near Amarr running missions. This is my third character, the other two (Ammad Tankian and Ammad Satakin) are no longer active/in my ability to use (Gave Ammad T to my brother). I live in China, GMT+8. In my time with my other accounts i have learned a lot of the bascis of warfare. I have led a couple HD fleets, participated in many roams and survived through 4 massive 0.0 wars (War in Cobalt, DRF VS NC, RAIDEN. VS CFC and N3. VS CFC) I grew tired of the 0.0 life style so i created this account, grew bored of EVE and stopped playing but found i could not stay away and joined back up a month prior. Now im looking for a new experince in eve, and i think this corp fits the bill.
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