[-MM-] Our Way

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[-MM-] Our Way

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Masuat’aa Matari Red Book

In line with the 10 year celebrations of U'K it has been agreed that selected portions of the Masuat’aa Warrior Code a.k.a the Red Book be declassified and shared. This is given to every recruit on initiation. With this in mind over the coming four weeks these selected portions will be published to the I.G.S. as part information part history, and will hopefully contribute to a wider understanding of -MM- .The first part consists of an introduction to the corp and its motivation.


“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”

The Masuat’aa as representatives of the Minmatar people, are morally justified in carrying out a campaign of resistance against foreign forces and domestic collaborators. All warriors are and must feel morally justified in carrying out the dictates of the Chifu and Ta’Mak Officers of the corp as well as those tasked with prosecuting the struggle such as Ushra’Khan fleet commanders and Council members.

Before any potential Warrior decides to join the Masuat’aa he or she should understand fully and clearly what is involved. He should not join because of emotionalism, sensationalism, or adventurism. He should examine fully his own motives, knowing the dangers involved and knowing that he will find an enemy hand turned against him at every turn. He is expected to wage a military war of liberation against a numerically superior force. This struggle will be measured in generations NOT in years

What Are Our Goals?

“If you're confused about what to do,
it's a sign that your enemy is winning.”

Our goals can be summed up in the single expression which has come to encapsulate the heart of our mission.

We Come For Our People.

The ultimate goal is the liberation of all slaves and the destruction of the system that allows this abomination against humanity to prosper.

This goal will be achieved by accomplishing our long or short term objectives as the struggle dictates. From the destruction of the Amarr Empire and its capusleer corporations engaged in slavery to short term tactical wars to deny the enemy resources.

Who is the enemy?

“Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.”

The enemy,generally speaking, are all those opposed to our short-term or long-term objectives. But having said that, we must realise that all our enemies are not the same and therefore there is no common cure for their enmity. The conclusion then is that we must categorise and then suggest cures for each category.Some examples: We have enemies through ignorance, through our own fault or default and of course the main enemy is the status quo which allows the religious system of Amarr, which has persecuted our race, to persist.

The enemy through ignorance we attempt to cure through education though such an attempt is obviously futile if we do not firstly educate ourselves. Our means are battlefield action, protest, official communication, publications and of course person-to-person communication. But as has already been stated, we must first educate ourselves, we must be prepared to lead in the battlefield, we must organise the protests and demonstrations efficiently and we must be prepared to engage with the wider capsuleer community.

The enemy through our own fault or default is the one we create ourselves through our personal conduct and through our collective conduct of the struggle such as the neutral caught in crossfire in space or the family and neighbours of an informer who has been punished without their being informed why. In brief our personal conduct as well as our conduct of our activities must be aimed at if not enhancing support, at least not creating enemies unnecessarily.

The status quo are all those who have a vested interest in allowing the institution of slavery to continue which has had such a devastating effect on our people. This obviously includes the Amarrian machinery of state but also includes those among our own people who collaborate, the Caldari State Corporations who now do likewise, Pirate capsuleers that disrupt our operations, individuals such as [REDACTED] targeted specifically and any who turn a blind eye.

It is our task therefore to clearly identify them to our people as such and again depending
on the existing conditions and our ability to effect a cure. Execution, as earlier stated is not the only way of making any category of enemy ineffective: we can variously expose them as liars, hypocrites and collaborators or make them subjects of ridicule.

We Come For Our People.
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