[-MM-] The Long War

Lore and History all being placed here for safekeeping

[-MM-] The Long War

Postby Marus Sulla » Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:31 pm

Masuat’aa Matari Red Book

In line with the 10 year celebrations it has been agreed that selected portions of the Masuat’aa Warrior Code a.k.a the Red Book be declassified and shared. This is given to every recruit on initiation. With this in mind over the coming four weeks these selected portions will be published to the I.G.S. as part information part history, and will hopefully contribute to a wider understanding of -MM- .This second extract concerns the nature of the war against slavery.

The first section can be found here;

https://forums.eveonline.com/default.as ... s&t=388822

The Long War

“Our revenge will be the laughter of our children”

The Masuat’aa is currently engaged in a military effort that has been characterized as the “long war.” The long war has been described by some as an epic struggle against adversaries bent on forming a unified Amarrian cluster. While the Minmatar bear the brunt of this struggle be clear that the religious imperative behind slavery has only one illogical conclusion and that it the enslavement of ALL. To understand the impacts that this long war will have on the Ushra’Khan, Masuat’aa and on Freedom Forces in general, it is necessary to understand more precisely what the long war is.

Put simply the long war is a battle of will. This battle has many fronts and while the warrior’s mind will be foremost on confrontation with the enemy it starts first inside the soul of each of us. To fight the long war you must be prepared.

Be prepared to fight and know how to fight.


“War is not only a matter of equipment, resources, group troops or fleet; it is largely a matter of morale”

The long war will see many defeats as well as successes and you must be able to put aside the temptation to revel in the emotions associated with each.

False Hope and False Despair are one and the same. False.

To win the long war means resilience. Victory will come to those who can endure the most.

Be sure that the enemy knows the importance of morale and will attempt to undermine ours at every turn. High morale is the most important quality of a Warrior. It is a quality of mind and spirit, which combines courage, self-discipline, and endurance. It springs from infinitely varying and sometimes contradictory sources, but is easily recognizable.

In time of war, it manifests itself in the Warrior's absolute determination to do his duty to the best of his ability in any circumstances.

Every individual has their part to play in sustaining morale.

War of the flea

“The guerrilla fights the war of the flea, and his military enemy suffers the dog’s disadvantages: too much to defend; too small, ubiquitous, and agile an enemy to come to grips with."

To fight the long war the warrior must first understand the concept of the ‘little’ or guerilla war. This has come to be known as the war of the flea.

This form of combat has deep roots within the Matari and was used extensively during the Great Rebellion and has been adopted doctrine by both the Republic Fleet and Capsuleer Organisations. It can be seen in the design and purpose of our ships.

Our enemy is large in size, organized, disciplined and capable. However, these attributes can be turned against them. The strategy and tactics of guerrilla warfare focus around the use of a small, mobile force competing against a larger, more unwieldy one.The guerrilla focuses on organizing in small units, striking quickly, as well as taking advantage of space and circumstance more accommodating of small units.

With size and discipline comes slowness. Use this to your advantage. Break into multiple small vectors of attack. Hit and run. Confuse. This is the way.

We Come For Our People.
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Re: [-MM-] The Long War

Postby StarCasher » Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:17 pm

It is good to see the words of the book spread to other tribes, may they find wisdom and take heart from these words.
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Re: [-MM-] The Long War

Postby perun katana » Sat Dec 20, 2014 2:14 pm

Thank you for sharing, the words of wisdom. I hope it will boost our morale and will to fight and lead others to follow us into the long lasting victory.
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