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Postby Draugo Rana » Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:37 am

The Matari
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"...We are a proud people. We are a noble people. We are a warrior people."
Kiongozi, Founder of the Masuat'aa, quoted from his 'call to arms'.

Matari have always lived in a tribal structure from their first days upon the sacred planet of Matar through to the present day, our tribal history, clan and family are paramount in our lives.

During the first days of our society we warred amongst ourselves, tribe against tribe, clan against clan, brother against brother. Our spirit cried at this disharmony between us and slowly drew us together to unite as a people although a healthy tribal rivalry still exists. We began to make advances in the feilds of science and engineering and built a technological society unparralelled at that time. We entered the realms of space travel cautiously and settled a number of worlds, our society flourished in peace.

Then the Amarr came.

Over the next hundred years stories and reports of a hostile race attacking our colonies and enslaving our people surfaced. We were not prepared to repel the following invasion and so entered a thousand years of slavery and occupation. This, the darkest time in our history will never be forgotten.

Not all of us were enslaved, the Nefantar tribe collaborated with the Amarrian invaders, helping and watching unrepentantly as their own blood was maimed, killed and enslaved. Five hundred years into our enslavement, the Starkmanir tribe rose up against their masters but were crushed, now their line exists only in slavery, the few who have escaped or been rescued lead solitary lives, hiding away from the eyes of Amarrian spies, such is their shame and the Amarrian's pride of enslaving an entire tribe.

If not for the Amarrian's own arrogance we might still be enslaved. For a thousand years after the invasion the Amarrians made contact with the elusive Jovian Empire. Believing themselves the divine rulers of all they tried to crush the Jove. But the Jove, technologically far in advance of all others, drove the Amarrians to a bitter defeat which weakened their grip upon our territory to such an extent that a well planned rebellion cast them from our boarders.

With the Amarr gone, the Jove uninterested in the affairs of others and our society weak from a thousand years of captivity, it was the Galente who came to our aide now the threat of hostilities was quenched.

Our Repbulic was established but our work was far from complete. Many of our people saw this as a great victory, but the truth is never that rosey. More than one third of our people remained enslaved in Amarr territory, many unaware of the rebelion or the selfishness of their brethren who hailled it as a victory. Since then most of the free children of Matar have turned their backs on their brothers, instead they fulfill their own self interest in profit by trade, construction and even piracy against their own. Such is the sickness in our spirit.

Only those brave warriors who will never forget continue our war of attrition. Those who have sworn an oath to their brethren to never give up and to lay down their lives for what is right.

The Masuat'aa Matari is one such clan of warriors.

The Enemy
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"...but it must be all against the Amarr, united in purpose!"
Kiongozi, Founder of the Masuat'aa, quoted from his 'call to arms'.

The foul forces of the Amarr Empire infiltrate every facet of EVE, spreading the immoral word of their misguided faith.

They consider themselves enlightened under their God, but this could not be further from the truth. Their self declared right to enslave others poisons our spirit with our brethrens' cries of pain.

First amongst these abominations of immorality are the Curatores Veritatis Alliance, fiercely loyal to their Emperor and oblivious to the crimes they commit, they stalk their new territory and ours looking for those who stand against them.

Also worthy of note are Praetoria Imperialis Exubitoris [PIE] and 1st Praetorian Guard [1PG] Who tirelessly defend the empire against our incursions.

For a time our people were fractured and disorganised, we fell at the military might of the CVA and victories were rare. But our spirits are strong and our hate forged in blood, we continued our struggle and with each night passing we grow stronger. We are still a shadow of what we can become, but our destiny awaits and the destruction of the Amarr Empire and the filth which supports it looms ever just out of reach on the horizon.

We will always be here speaking for those who cannot, destroying those who would enslave our brothers, fighting with the honour which we hold above all else.

There can be only one outcome, the spirits have spoken, the path is laid and our righteous blade will cut a swath through our enemies!

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The Fight

"...So must the tribes of Matar be strong against the fell wind that is the Amarr Empire."
Kiongozi, Founder of the Masuat'aa, quoted from his 'call to arms'.

We have fought the enemies of freedom since before some of us can remember. We have dedicated and laid down our lives to the plight of our brethren in slavery. It is in our blood and infuses our spirit.

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The Hamat'Kuri : The Duel of ending

When warriors had bad feelings betweem them in the ancient days, the Chief called upon the Hamat'Kuri. The warrios would then square off and basicly beat each other senseless until there was a clear victor.

During the ceremony of combat, the spirits that fueled the hate and anger would be spent in combat, leaving two beaten, bruised and alive warriors free of the need to maintain their anger they held.

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