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Masuat'aa Matari - Goals and Rules.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 2:12 pm
by Veda Ituin
Corporation Goals
  1. To assist matari pilots who wish to fight for freedom against the tyranny of the Amarrian "Empire" and their supporters.
  2. To be recognised as a reliable, loyal and effective PvP corporation, active in both Faction Warfare and null-sec.
General Rules
  1. When you become a member of Masuat’aa Matari, you agree that you have read and understand the corporation rules.
  2. The Masuat’aa Matari leadership team consists of the Chifu and Ta’Maks.
  3. Members must use their in game name on the Masuat’aa Matari forum and on TeamSpeak.
  4. Members should be logged into TeamSpeak when logged into Eve Online. If a member is AFK they should move to the AFK channel.
  5. If a member knows that he/ she is going to be away from Eve Online for a period of more than seven days, they must inform the Masuat’aa Matari leadership, ideally this will be via the corporation forum [Meeting Hall – The mandatory AWAY thread] – Failure to do so may result in corporation roles being revoked/ reduced after one month.
  6. If a member is inactive [has not logged in] for a period of more than three months without informing the Masuat’aa Matari leadership that they will be away from Eve Online, Masuat’aa Matari will assume that either the capsuleer is no longer being used or that the player has left Eve Online, the member will be removed from the Masuat’aa Matari. If a member returns to Eve Online at a later date they will be welcomed back into Masuat’aa Matari. Corporation roles on reinstatement will be decided on a case by case basis.
  7. Failure to participate in any Masuat’aa Matari activities over an extended period of time will lead to that member being removed from Masuat’aa Matari.
  8. Members are mature and the corporation should be a relaxed and enjoyable corporation. Internal factions, power struggles or similar activities are not tolerated. Trying to divide Masuat’aa Matari into factions or similar fragments will result in that member being removed from the corporation.
  9. Members are expected to resolve issues like calm, rational adults. If a member threatens to leave Masuat’aa Matari over an internal personal dispute or any other issue, they will have their corporation roles removed and be removed from the corporation.
  10. Spamming on TeamSpeak or in Fleet chat will result in you being removed from the fleet. If a member does this repeatedly they will have their corporation roles removed and be removed from the corporation.
  11. Posts on the forum that execute an outright personal attack on another member of the corporation will be deleted in their entirety regardless of any other useful content in the post. Members should debate ideas and other matters like adults with respect for each other.
  12. Members should refrain from discussing any corporation operations or politics on any public forum, including via in game mail. Corporation business stays within Masuat’aa Matari.
  13. Any contact from other corporations about Masuat’aa Matari politics or actions are to be referred to the leadership team immediately.
  14. Honour our friends and allies, be polite, greet them and if they ask for help, help out if you can.
  15. The following activities are dishonourable and could damage to the reputation of Masuat’aa Matari, they are therefore forbidden:
    1. Piracy.
    2. Extortion, blackmail or asking for ransoms.
    3. The use of macro or macro-type aides, which are forbidden under the EULA.
    4. Scamming or defrauding to obtain isk, an object, rights or anything of value from another player.
    5. Using an Amarrian capsuleer to spy on the activities of the Amarr Militia or the Curatores Veritatis Alliance.
PvP Rules
Masuat’aa Matari operates on the Not Red Don’t Shoot it [NRDS] policy in lowsec and Not Blue Shoot It [NBSI] in nullsec. These policies aren’t mandatory, but if you choose to initiate combat with neutrals in lowsec you may not get support from your fleetmates.

  1. Fleet Commanders have absolute authority during an operation, obey them and if necessary question their actions once the operation has finished.
  2. Chatting in local with the enemy should be kept to a minimum, unless you are roleplaying.
  3. No smack talking or posting questionable links in local.
  4. No smack talking on Eve Online forums or killboards. It is unprofessional and doesn’t reflect well on Masuat’aa Matari, you can discuss ship fittings or a situation in Eve Online but no outright smack talk.
  5. If you accept a 1 vs. 1 fight, you should honour it.
  6. Remember Eve Online is game. If you are too upset by events to play and be rational then it’s time to log off for a while.
  7. Don’t undock in a ship with a clone that you cannot afford to lose.
If a member of Masuat’aa Matari violates the corporation rules action will be taken. In most cases this will be in the form of a warning, escalating to the removal of roles and ultimately the member being removed from the corporation.

As a guide scamming and EULA violations will result in the member being removed from the corporation, while being online but not attending CTAs will result in a warning. If you are not online during a CTA no action will be taken.

Call to Arms [CTAs]
There will be times when a CTA is required to achieve a specific objective. When a CTA is required a member of the leadership team will send a mail to the corporation with the operation details.

All online Masuat’aa Matari members must respond as follows:
  • Ensure that they and their ship[s] are ready and at the form up point for the start time.
  • Be logged into the appropriate TeamSpeak server.
  • Have an up to date medical clone with implants that they can afford to lose.
  • Log off any additional capsuleers, unless they are providing specific CTA tasks, i.e. lighting cynosural fields or providing intelligence.
  • Members should not be mining, running missions or doing logistics during a CTA.
When a CTA has finished, it will be announced on TeamSpeak by the Fleet Commander and a mail will be sent to the corporation by a member of the leadership team.

Weekly Operation
There will be a weekly Masuat’aa Matari operation, these operations have two aims. The first is to get our members together, while the second is to generate a little isk for both the members and the corporation.

The operations will last for no longer than two hours, if a member is unable to participate they must fulfil a quota, which can be in either ore or isk. The quota, this is a punitive measure and as a result you will not be paid if you opt to pay in ore.

The operation for the first and third week of each month will be a mining operation, but members shouldn’t worry if they can’t fly a mining ship or industrial as the fleets will benefit from combat cover. For the second and fourth week of each month we will be running missions.

For the duration of operations the Masuat’aa Matari tax rate will be set to 50%. For mining operations the value of ore mined will be calculated and 50% of the total ore value will be paid to each member who participated in the mining operation, regardless of their role.

For mission running operations we will fly PvP fitted ships, while this won’t be as isk efficient as running pure PvE ships, the fleet will be able to respond if aggressed.