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Back Once Gain

Postby Padaxes » Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:02 am

My mind was a vast ocean, it's surface unmarred by the slightest ripple, reflecting the sky as clearly as sheet glass. To the untrained eye I was merely a man sitting cross legged on a mat, but a Master of The Seven Forms would recognise the almost imperceptible movements associated with my meditative mantra.

I have not been counting how many times I have undergone this ritual in the last three years. Remembering Master Wrens training, becoming once more a student, a student to my memory. Cleansing myself, recentralising , trying to regain my Wa and put the traumas of my past behind me once and for all.

Master Wren had saved me twice before, once by taking in a wayard son of Matar and giving him a future and again years later in a far more … practical way. I had returned to active duty after the tribulations I suffered at the hands of Crillus confident I was strong enough to overcome the post traumatic stress. But I found my abilities began to deteriorate along with my state of mind. Before long I had slipped from the path without even knowing it.

In a moment of clarity I realised I was no longer fit to call myself a Master, and by extension no longer fit to fight for our cause. I could not trust myself, how could I expect others to trust me. So I descended to earth from the heavens, I had my implants removed, my clone contracts revoked and mortal once again returned to life on the surface of a planet.

With a small portion of my fortune I founded a small, remote Seven Forms School and commenced a life of quiet contemplation and tutelage. I hoped that my old Master could save me a third time even though he was no longer here.

I had started every day of the last thousand or so days with a Seven Forms Kata. And every day I had failed to achieve the required perfection and balance. But every day I was a little closer. The rest of my time was filled with routine, teaching, training and plain simple hard work.

None of these thoughts passed through my head as I moved through the forms. The weight of years or repetition was forgotten, there was no pressure to succeed, there was nothing outside, my every sense was turned inwards. The kata became more aggressive, my body strained to it's limits but still not a single ripple marred the ocean of my thoughts.

Finally bathed in sweat I passed through the final form and sank back into the lotus position at the exact point from which the kata had begun. I exhaled deeply, my stomach concave and my diaphragm contracted, completely empty, completely open, my body and mind in perfect harmony.

And then ….. there was a moment, nothing I can articulate with something as prosaic as words. But I felt or heard or understood. It was the sign I had been waiting for, accompanied by an inner knowledge that I had once again mastered my art, my mind and myself.

I suppressed a rush of excitement and finished the ritual. The sweat cooled and evaporated from my skin before I rose smoothly to my feet and walked from the dojo. I made my way up a spiral staircase to the upper most floor of the school, where I encountered a blast proof metal door with a code lock, incongruous in this primitive building made entirely of stone and wood.

I entered the code and the door slid back revealing the only room that contained technology of any kind – a communication array I had not used since I had it built. I sealed the door behind me and keyed in a contact.

“It's time.” I said “I need my implants back.”
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Re: Back Once Gain

Postby Draugo Rana » Fri Jun 14, 2013 9:48 am


Nice !
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