Complete RSS Dossier on Siddhar Gangari//CLASSIFIED

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Complete RSS Dossier on Siddhar Gangari//CLASSIFIED

Postby Siddhar Gangari » Tue May 12, 2015 4:21 pm

Data retrieved from RSS Classified Archives - File 012278933//Persons of Interest//

Siddhar Gangari

Born: May 18, 23255 AD (YC 15)

Current Age: 101

Place of Birth: Matar - Sobaki Desert Region. Exact location unknown.

Height: 1.82 meters

Weight: 71 Kilograms

Vitoc Dependency: Residual at birth. Mitigated by experimental retro-viral treatment VAX-009, developed by Republic University Virologist Dr. Lagatha Isarsund. Later annulled by Insorum injection once the antitoxin was acquired by the Republic.

Profession: Diplomat, Freelance Explorer and occasional Inventor; Capsuleer for Matsuat’aa Matari

Education: Ph.D of Ecology, Medicine, Philosophy and M.A of Anthropology from Republic University.

Recent Activity: Offered a position at Republic University but he instead chose to continue his education with the Republic Military School. After completing his undergraduate term of six years, he was marked as a candidate for the RMS capsuleer program. After three years of intensive mental and technical training, he underwent the conversion under the condition that he serve a minimum of one year in the Minmatar militia.

CLASSIFIED, LVL: 3 - CODE BLACK: Subject is understood to have been educated at a Society of Conscious Thought enclave (location unknown) before attending RU. Surveillance Priority set to “High” to ascertain active Jovian connection. Investigation on-going.

Father: Uzul Gangari

Born : 23192 AD

Current Age: 128

Father’s Education: Ph.D in Ecology from Republic University

Father’s Current Profession: Planetologist for Eifyr & Co.

Mother - Izulda, Gangari Syidda.

Father - Stilgandr Gangari, Gangari Veday.

Note: Lead guerrilla assaults against Ammar desert operations during the Rebellion with fellow clansmen. Still listed on the Imperial Navy’s Top 10 Most Wanted list for war crimes including torture of Imperial officers, mass murder of civilians, grand theft of Imperial goods, defamation of the throne, and blasphemy.

Mother: Ona Gangari

Born: 23232 AD

Current Age: Deceased as of 23255 AD (YC 15) - Aged 23

Mother’s Education: Unknown - possibly informal apprenticeship

Mother’s Profession: Clan Syidda (spiritual leader/healer/historian) for the Gangari clan - Succeeded the title from her Mother in-law. Records indicate she was a published poet of acclaim throughout the surrounding community of clans.

Mother - Ysiia, liberated from Ammar Plantation in the Aridia region following an unsuccessful Blood Raider attack. She fled to Matar on a stolen smuggler’s shuttle packed with vitoc, slaver pups and furriers. The shuttle’s engines failed after re-entry and she crashed down in the Sobaki desert. Gangari clansmen found her and adopted her into the clan.

Father - Unknown

Note: Exposed to Vitoxen virus in utero, but strangely did not suffer symptoms until she became pregnant. Suffered chronic weakness and pain shortly after becoming pregnant - it is believed by physicians that the sudden hormonal changes induced by pregnancy exacerbated the condition. She opted out of receiving the Vitoc antidote for fear it would affect the fetus. Onset of delayed withdrawal lead to death during childbirth. DNA samples were taken to ascertain cause of delayed symptoms. Experimentation is on-going.
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