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An old Journal entry:

"I slump fatigued behind the desk in my quarters nursing a vintage Gallente brandy. A brief respite between operations, hardly what I can call a rest, as I find myself unable to settle on this most auspicious of days. Five Years today since the Ushra Khan was founded! I look a around my new office, another in a long line of similar quarters, they all look the same but they feel different, and I find myself thinking once more of UNITY station in 9UY, of the past, of the losses over the years and of the gains.

I turn my chair and run my gaze over the shelves that hang there festooned with trophies and mementoes of the good times and the bad, a collection of memories that I haul with me in our often nomadic life, a collection that serves to remind me of the realities we have faced. I feel a mixture of melancholy and elation as I look at my life displayed in such a way, an overwhelming nostalgia for times gone by and hope for the future.

I place my glass on the desk and stand, one by one I handle the artefacts, I sniff the tiny incense brazier my mother gave me so many years ago just before my Voluval ceremony. I activate the old encryption key that unlocked my first Hanger when I joined Oracle corporation and think of our Visionary leader Sarkos who first started so many of us on our path.

I run my fingers over a shard of Jovian battleship armour, feeling the alien smoothness and remembering the desperate race to fight along side them so many years ago. It even sounds alien as I place it back upon its stand. With reverence I heft the ceremonial Khumaak I carried when I answered the Call and our corporation merged under our new Voushod Kiongozi to form Masuat’aa Matari.

One by one I handle, touch and feel these fragments of my past, it becomes almost a ritual, an affirmation. I feel such pride when I look at framed copy of the CONCORD declaration validating the official formation of Ushra Khan on this very day five years ago.

I pick up another shard of spaceship hull, possibly the most evocative of them all, a tiny scrap of metal from Karishal Muritors vessel. I remember the great mans words that day, his strength and determination – his sacrifice.

I flick the charred pages of a Pax Amarria spilled from the burning wreck of a CVA cruiser outside Unity station. I remember our great achievements, picking through my collection from the Pirate war and from the battles for providence and taste once more the bitterness of defeat. There are here as some pieces were left in 9UY, where they wait for the day that we take possession of our property once more.

When I think of all we have accomplished my heart swells with pride and hope for the future. We have been tested to breaking point and beyond but still we stand, stronger than ever. Born from hardship Ushra Khan is a shining blade forged in adversity. We have come so far, freed so many and given hope to so many more, we stand for strength, for honour, for hope and for freedom.

I cannot say what further hardships lie ahead but one thing is certain we will face them together, in unity!

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