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Application Of Force

Postby Padaxes » Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:27 pm

The situation escalated quickly. What had begun as a standard patrol of the front lines had become something altogether more ominous. Our ships now rested in deep space, far from any celestial object while we watched our sensors closely, following the movements of an Amarrian war-fleet. Space-time was being churned by the vast energies expended by battleship class vessels warping about the solar system.

It had been a long time since we had seen a mobilisation of this size it could only mean that they were planning an attack on a nearby Infrastructure Hub. Our handful of Frigate sized ships was certainly no match for them, our only option was to run harassment while the Minmatar forces rallied a defence fleet.

Hanging in the void we waited, alert for any sign of scanner probes being deployed, we needn’t of worried, we were disregarded of no consequence with familiar Amarrian arrogance. Finally the hostile ships began to jump gate out of the system, and our Fleet Commander ordered us to split up and scout the neighbouring systems.

It was harrowing work, the ever present danger of jumping into the middle the hostile fleet kept our scouts on edge. But it was without incidence that we found them attacking a vulnerable system two jumps away. Decisions needed to be made and fast, the sheer fire-power they had brought to bear on the iHub meant we had very little time. The allied fleet was slow to mobilise, our comms channels alive with ever more desperate calls to arms.

I ran diagnostics on my ships combat readiness while I waited. The calm before the storm. Our only option was to try and delay the enemy siege, but any engagement with such an overwhelming force surely meant our destruction. Calming myself with routine checks and combat mantras I readied myself for fire and death.

Obsidean ordered us into the target system, the only tactical option was to attempt to secure the novice outpost in the system. Their fleet had very few craft capable of entering such a small dead-space complex and we couldn't let the slavers take the system unopposed. If we could just survive for ten minutes we could temporarily re-secure the Infrastructure Hub and delay the siege.

As the jump gate energies disbursed around us our FC initiated a fleet warp, our systems slaved to his, in perfect synchronisation the eight of us aligned and our warp drives engaged. It was a tense moment, our plan was revealed to the enemy. We made best speed inside to make our stand, each pilot assuming his optimal range from the entry point to the Outpost. The timer had begun, now we just had to wait to see what the Amarrians response would be.

I could feel the thrum of my microwarpdrive resonating through my ship and my combat overview was full of purple glyphs, every second my short scan overview updated as my ship probed the surrounding volume with LADAR watching for the tell tail signs of approaching craft.

We didn't have to wait long, a lone scout dropped out of warp, it was instantly locked and destroyed in an overwhelming concentration of fire, all that remained was a glowing wreck and an expanding cloud of debris. Our sensors showed a concentration of enemy ships outside of the Deadspace complex, but many were too large to use the small acceleration gate, meanwhile the enemy commander ordered some of his fleet to enter a larger complex elsewhere in the system to attempt to counter our approaching claim on the systems vulnerable status. We knew at this point we would certainly delay them for at least ten minutes, perhaps this small window of opportunity would allow the Minmatar fleet to arrive.

While we waited I tracked the debris from the annihilated Amarrian vessel, it was possible I thought that some of those fragments might drift through space for millennia, most however would get ensnared by gravity wells and burn up in the atmosphere of some planet or other.

Then all hell broke loose as the acceleration gate flung a fleet of enemy ships into our midst. The Fleet Commander was calling primary targets even as space around us struggled to disperse the vast energies of warp bubbles collapsing.

Targeting computers recalibrated, ships accelerated, pod fluids absorbed g-forces, and then after one seemingly calm moment the battle began. Rockets roared from launch bays, glittering laser beams lanced across the void and projectile weapons hurled explosive ammunition along with their equally devastating payload of kinetic energy. Shields flared under these withering impacts before collapsing. Armour ablated into vacuum, and instants later chunks of the ships hull began to rent apart by cascades of explosions. The first Amarrian vessel was torn asunder in a mini Nova, one warped quickly away, another was ensnared and destroyed and another and another. Slaver pilots desperately escaped the tangle of sparking wreckage in their pods and just like that all was calm once again.

I throttled back my ships speed as we moved in to collect the spoils of war, and felt the adrenaline leaving my bloodstream. Our comms filled with cheers, not a single Minmatar ship had been lost and our small fleet had disrupted the Amarrian war machine in a perfect application of force.

At this point just as we began to formulate our next move the Amarrians got one last terminal surprise. The size of their fleet had attracted unwanted attention from outside forces, even from the other side of the solar system our sensors could detect space being literally ripped apart as a huge pirate fleet jump bridged onto them.

The day was ours.
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Re: Application Of Force

Postby StarCasher » Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:21 pm

Good story mate keep them coming.
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Re: Application Of Force

Postby Draugo Rana » Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:22 am

Nice :thumbup:

I was there!
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