The Origin Of StarCasher

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The Origin Of StarCasher

Postby StarCasher » Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:24 pm

Since joining Ushra’Khan many people have asked me why I’m called StarCasher and I’ve always told them it’s a long story, well here it is you have been warned.

I was born on the Amarr home world Athar, in the servants quarters of the home of one of the Amarr's most powerful lords. A home, not of my own, but of the family which owned my family. I was a slave child as many of you reading this will have been, by the standards of most slaves, many would say my family had the good life. We were given plenty of food respectable looking clothing and would bath nightly. This was not through respect from my then masters but rather because as serving slaves to the lord and his family we were expected to look clean and tidy at all times, as to impress the many visitors the lord entertained.

Although this seems nice from the outside it was anything but! We were considered to be animals, trained chimps at best and treated like dogs. Our quarters were small and cold (we were not considered worthy of heating) and we were fed the lords scraps, plenty of food as I said but nothing you would choose to eat if you were free to choose. My master would beat me for fun or hunt me and my father with shockrails in the woodland on his grounds. Shockrail guns were non-lethal weapons designed to help herd cattle and could be fired into the herd at range to administer a painful shock allowing you to steer the path the animals take. When used on a human the pain is almost unbearable and causes you to pass out and all “bio-functions” to release, painful and not very pleasant no doubt but just not quite enough to kill. As well as this and unbeknown to his wife, the lord would call my mother up to his room some nights and she would always return in tears. I never knew why at the time but I found out later on when my mother fell pregnant to him that he had been raping her on those nights. This more than anything is why I hate the Amarr so.

Growing up before I was old enough to truly understand what being a slave meant, I would dream of flying among the stars and becoming a pod pilot, my mother and father wanted me to hold on to that dream, telling me one day all Minmatar would be free and we would take our place again amongst the stars. My mother used to call me her little Starchaser, a nick name that stuck and before long, its what everyone called me, even the lord and his family, although they said it with a mocking and condescending tone. To them the idea of a slave piloting a ship was a joke like trying to imagine a fish driving a hover car, something so ridiculous it could never happen.

I was 11 when my mother fell pregnant to that fat old amarrian lord, my master could not let news of his bastard child growing within my mother to find its way out of the grounds nor allow the child to live as this would destroy his family line, no amarrian lord could have a half Minmatar heir! This simply would not stand, so he decided something must be done. It was the middle of the night when my father woke me, the moons were still high in the amarrian sky but the night was cold and dark as all winters were on Athar, he told me to get up and dress light but warm, this could mean only one thing… a night hunt!! These were the worse, the lord would every now and then decide to hunt us at night with other high ranking military leaders and such, wanting to enjoy the sport or relive glory days on the battle fields fighting the Minmatar. They were worse because they made a real night of it placing bets on who could get the most kills, this of course meant that instead of being shot once and the hunt is over we were shot, taken back to the manor healed by the medic, given 30 minutes rest then back out to be hunted again till day break. I was considered the prize catch because I was by far the hardest to hunt, you must remember I had been doing the hunt my whole life and had become very good at evading my predators. I was however careful to make sure I was caught once at least and that, it was by my master. I once evaded capture all night and the next day was given 20 lashes, and also no food for 3 days as punishment for the embarrassment I had caused the lord in front of his peers. A lesson I need be taught but once. This night I had evaded capture for a good few hours but as the air was cold and I was tired I decide it was time to track down my master and let him think he has caught me. I soon found the trail the big, fat, old walrus left behind him and proceeded to track him. Before long I was right up behind him, I crawled silently along my belly to a clearing just ahead and waited in the shadows for him to approach. I could hear his slow heavy breathing as he got closer to the clearing. My hands were shaking and tears filled my eyes as I prepared to dash into the light and feel the pain of a thousand deaths from my master’s shockrail. I just waited on the signal, bracing myself, I could feel my heart thumping in my chest, then I heard it. The same sound I heard every time he would hunt me, the sound of a snapping twig. The lord was very heavy footed and would normally make such a mistake but I had taken to pretending to be startled by the sound and so gritting my teeth I ran out into the clearing like a scared animal. I never made it to the other side, I never did, he may have been fat and old and a terrible hunter now but he was still an excellent marks man. Pain and a blinding light racked through my body and head, I stumbled blind and contorted in pain to the ground where the black cold of unconsciousness surrounded me and took me as a mercy.
I awoke in the corner of a room with a medic hosing me down with a cold water hose, I had of course released all my bio-functions as expected and the medic was cleaning as you would a dirty animal. With a look of disgust the medic told me to get dressed and wait out in the hall for half an hour then I could go back out to the hunt, “ha could, like I wanted to or had a choice”.

I was sat in the hall way watching the clock on the wall count slowly towards the end of my half hour break, when I heard the loud report of a gun blast and not the zing of a laser rifle as the Amarr would use but the resounding blast of a Minmatar projectile weapon! The sound echoed up the hallway from the direction of the slave quarter, instinct took over and without a moments thought I took off up the hallway towards my quarters, knowing my mother would be there alone. As I reached the doorway I was stopped by one of the manor guards. The guard was standing with a dead Minmatar at his feet. The dead man had a single laser shot hole to the back of the head, always an easy weapon hole to identify as it is the only weapon to leave a perfect burned hole with no bleeding or any damaged flesh anywhere else, projectile and hybrid weapons are never so clean. The dead Minmatar had a Minmatar blaster in his hand and was dressed in combat clothing, he was clearly meant to be a Minmatar rebel. The guard still holding me away from the door, bent down and told me not to look to just turn away, but I had to know I had to see! I pushed the guard back hard, being on bent knee has was not able to regain his feet in time before tripping backwards over the dead man’s body at his feet. As he feel back I rushed forward into the room, as I entered my heart sank to a level I never knew it could. My mother lay there, bleeding to death, gasping to breath. I ran over to her lifting her blood soaked head in my arms and crying out in pain and anger. She had been shot in the chest and at close range too, blood was everywhere, she caught my gaze for a moment and pulled my head close to her’s. I could hardly even see her through my tears but I could hear her words, with gnarled tongue and gasps she said “Amarr did this ..gah ha… You must ….gah…be free” those were her dying words that I will never forget. The guard quickly regained his feet and pulled me from my mother where I was taken kicking and screaming to the stable and locked away with the lords 'other' animals.

My father did not get to see my mother till the next day and only then as they were loading her into the back of a bio-mass recycle collection truck. The police took some pictures and a few statements of what happened off the guards but not us slaves, and being as no crime had been committed no further action was taken. It’s not a crime to kill a Minmatar as they are only animals so neither my mother’s death nor that of the Minmatar “rebel” were investigated. No autopsy on my mother, she was just bio-mass now to be sold and reprocessed so no one knew she was with child and no question over what the guards had said. All very convenient and simple for my master, but I knew he was behind it. I knew he had had his guard kill her and frame the already dead body of the Minmatar man. The official word was that a Minmatar rebel had gained access to the manor during the night hunt and killed my mother for being an Amarr collaborator and that he in turn was killed by one of the manor guards. All amarrian lies, but sadly for me, lies even my own father believed.

They sent my father the next day to unlock me from the stable, I had calmed down by then, although I had not slept at all, that night. As my father opened the door, I ran forward and jumped into his arms where we both cried, I tried to tell him what my mother had said but he would not listen. He said the lord had been unusually kind and allowed my father to see the photo’s of the murder scene, my father said “it is as the lord said, a Minmatar rebel killed your mother”. I tried to explain how it was a trick, a lie but he simply thought I was too young to understand. I wanted to kill the lord for what he had done but at my age what could I do. My father went into a state of shock later that same day and would not speak a word, not for an entire month. To my surprise the lord did not have my father whipped and instead acted as though concerned for him. At that moment I could not understand the reason for this but I now know the Amarr are as cunning as they are evil. Once my father began to talk again, his words had changed, he seemed to speak of the Amarr with a little more respect not much but it was in his voice, as was the unspoken anger he had towards the Minmatar rebels. To “help my father back on his feet” the lord started to supply my father with the drug mindflood. Which he would use a little at first and then increasing more and more over time. With every hit my father became less of the man he was and more the slave the lord wanted him to become. Over the years that followed life went back to much as it had been before, my beatings went on and the hunts would still take place when ever it pleased my master to have them. The only thing that changed was my father, by the time I was 13 he had become very respectful of our masters and even began to read the pax! The drugs destroyed more of his mind changing the very man I had once respected so much into a man I would later have to kill to gain my freedom. In this state the words of the Amarr began to change his heart until the man I called father was no longer there, instead stood a shadow, a ghost of the man I had known. Worse still by the time I reached 15 my fathers respect had turned to unwavering loyalty, for our lord and the amarrian people. He even began to try to teach me the “enlightened” way of the amarrian faith, where once he would in secret teach me to read the Minmatar written word and the history of our people. He would now teach me of the evils of our kin and the supremacy of the Amarr and their one true god. For his loyalty my father was granted the freedom to speak with and socialise with the other loyal slaves of other amarrian houses, a rare honour indeed! It was in this way, just weeks before my 16th birthday that my father learned of the plot to assassinate our master. The lord had no heir to his name and although this was an uncommon thing amongst the ruling houses of the Amarr it made perfect sense to the lord. The lords clone policy was the best money could buy, in the event of his death he would not only be cloned but his clone was always kept at an age of 20 years. This meant that he could live a carefree life without children, then once he dies he can start over a new with a fresh young wife (his wife has no clone insurance so when she dies she is gone) and have children then instead. The plot was simple, at an upcoming open air address to the people, a sniper in the roofing of the amarrian royal assembly hall would kill my master as he got up to make his speech. At the same time a Minmatar undercover agent working in the cloning facility would be there to welcome the new clone to life with a bullet to the temple. This would of course destroy the lord’s house, creating a massive vacuum of power which the other houses would fight for and cause a massive disruption and possibly even civil war! Sadly this never happened. My father informed the lord of the plot and even gave the names of the assassin, and the deep cover agent at the facility, this meant on the day of the address the police were laying in wait for the gun man atop of the royal assembly hall and both he and the agent in the facility were arrested and executed for their crimes. It was at this point I knew my father was lost to me forever. He was rewarded handsomely for this act of saving the lords life and the state of the empire, for which he was given a one time single use clone policy! Something that had never happened before in the history of the Amarr and also to this he was given one request anything he wanted but his freedom. What my father asked for was meant to be a gift for my 16th birthday but I saw it as nothing of the kind! My father asked that I be schooled in an amarrian academy with other amarrian children and taught about science, maths, amarrian written word and worse of all the amarrian faith!

School for me was like being thrown into hell, no one wanted a Minmatar child there and did much protest it, however the lord’s word carried a lot of weight and I was made to attend. Other children would take every chance they could to beat on me and if I dare to fight back I would be given lashes by the teachers for raising my hand to an amarrian. No amarrian would ever be whipped but as a Minmatar animal it was considered the only way to truly teach us a lesson. Despite this I would always remember what my father had taught me when I was young, “know your enemy” he would always say. So that’s what I did I tried to learn all their secrets, all their knowledge and most of all to know their minds and their hearts. At first I was taken to the academy, but by the time I reached 18 I was walking there daily on my own and running home at night to avoid being gang beaten before starting my duties back at the lords manor. Half way through my 19th year of this life I finally found a way to strike back at the lord and the Amarr, well truth be told I didn’t find it, it found me.

One day in the heat of summer I was running home, out running the lazy amarrian children once again. As I passed through the memorial park a quarter mile from the manor I was suddenly pulled off the path and into a bush by a stone faced, war scared looking Caldari male.
He pinned me down for a moment with his hand over my mouth and waited for the kids that were following me to pass by. ‘When I take my hand off your mouth you don’t make a sound. I’m not going to hurt you, you need to help me, then I can help you’ he said with a stern voice, and with this he slowly took his hand off my mouth and crouched down in the bush besides me being careful to not be seen over the bush.
He put his hand out to help me back on my feet, I crouched down next to him while brushing the dust and dirt off my uniform. ‘What the hell are you doing! Who are you? What do you want? And what exactly do you think you can do for me?’ I exclaimed.
‘One question at a time son’ he said laughing to himself.
‘I don’t think this is funny, I’m trying to get home without yet another beating and I end up getting thrown to the ground and dragged into a bush by some giggling Caldari fool!’
At this the Caldari man’s face took a hard stone look again. ‘Are you the one they call Starchaser?’.
‘I am, what of it?’ I hissed at him.
‘Are you loyal to the Amarr?’ he asked with a questioning look that I somehow felt giving the wrong answer here would cost me my life, but I’ve learned showing fear is never a good idea.
‘Who are you? I don’t know how to answer that question.’ He was starring right into me I felt uneasy but I was damned if I was going to show it.
‘I’ll answer you after you answer me. As for how to answer the question, answer like a man with the truth or don’t answer at all and be gone from my sight and any hope you have of leaving slavery behind’ I paused for a moment staring into his hard eyes then I looked up the path way towards the manor.
I remembered an old saying of my fathers “a Minmatar warrior speaks his souls truth or he has no Minmatar soul at all”. I drew a breath conscious it could be my last ‘I am no friend of the Amarr and for my part I would gladly see them all dead by my hand’ I said coldly.
A small smile crept across the stoneface of the Caldari ‘I’m glad you said that for had you lied or answered in any other way, you would be laying here dead now. I have no problem killing a Minmatar traitor and I can smell a lie a mile off.’.
‘Good I’m glad to hear it. Now what is it I can do for you and what can you offer to help me?’ I said releavedto still be breathing.
It seemed like the air had somehow changed between us and the Caldari spoke again now with a more relaxed tone ‘As I hear it they call you Starchaser because you want to be a pod pilot and get away from the Amarr?’.
‘No I WILL be a pod pilot and I want to destroy and kill the Amarr You still have not told me who you are?’ I said correcting the Caldarian.
‘Ha Ha even better! My name is not important and it’s safer if you don’t know anyway, all you need to know is that I’m a mercenary working under contract of a Minmatar freedom fighter alliance. If you help us strike a blow to the Amarr we will smuggle you off this planet, out of amarrian space and even pay for your entry and tuition in a Minmatar state military academy.’.
‘What do I have to do?’ I said with an evil grin on my face. ‘Tell me it involves killing amarrian scum!’.
‘For you it does but only one, your lord. Since the attack on his life a few years earlier your master has tightened security around himself so that only his slaves and most trusted friends can get near him, he will only do his speeches by holo-vid now and no longer in person. Adding to this he has made it impossible for us to get an agent into the cloning facility.’.
Now puzzled I asked ‘If it’s impossible to kill his clone what is the use of me somehow killing the lord. How exactly do you expect me to get past his personal guard anyway?’.
Smiling the Caldari said ‘We have a plan don’t worry. As we speak a Badger class hauler is in orbit around this planet on a “trade mission” what the Amarr don’t know is that this ship has been heavily modified to allow us to fit a single hidden torp launcher. After the clone facility receives the signal to activate the lords clone on his death, this hauler will fire a single citadel torpedo into the facility killing everyone inside, destroying all the clones and the building along with it.’.
‘Killing the lord once and for all and leaving no heir to take over his house, plus every other leader and countless pod pilots will have to avoid anything that might get them killed as they will no longer have a clone! Won’t they kill the hauler and its pilot? And how am I to kill the lord?’ I asked stunned.
‘The hauler pilot is a merc like me and we have his clone safe, he is prepared for this as are all pod pilots. You are to take this poison.’ He handed me a small metal cylinder with a tightly screwed on lid which I quickly pushed into my pocket.
‘How do I use this?’ I asked while feeling the cylinder through my pocket with my hand.
‘Tonight when you are bring him his meal from the kitchen simply pour this over his food. I know he has a food taster but this poison is tasteless and does not take an effect for twenty minutes where it then kills instantly’
‘My father may be a problem. He watches me every minute and is loyal to the Amarr’ I said sadly.
‘Then I’m afraid you may need to kill him, he is after all no true Minmatar, he is a traitor.’ The Caldari said in a stern but kind tone.
‘My fathers clone is also in that facility, if I have to kill him he will also he gone too.’ I said realising the the depth of what had to be done.
‘I know this is hard, try to avoid killing him if you can but this mission must be carried out at all costs. Once you see him eat the poison head into the south part of the woodland around the manor and an agent will meet you there to get you off the planet. Now hurry home before you are late. Oh and Starchaser don’t let me down, your people are counting on you.’ With this I turned and ran up the pathway back towards the manor.

As I walked up towards the manor gates I could feel my heart beating hard in my chest, the two guards were watching me as I came closer. I thought I looked scared to death but this was clearly not the case as they let me pass without even stopping the conversation they were having. Once inside I went straight to the slave quarter to hide my poison, my father intercepted me on the way and insisted on coming back to our room with me. This meant I was unable to hide the poison and so instead had to keep it on me. My father sat me down like normal and had me recite to him all I had learned that day, and then we had to read the pax for an hour and say a prayer to the amarrian god for allowing us to be lucky enough to serve his people. By now it was getting late and the slaves in the kitchen were busy making the night’s food.
I asked my father that ‘given the chance would he leave this planet to live free some place else?’ The answer I got sent me smashing into the wall from the force of my father’s fist.
‘And live a life with the unclean, the unbelievers!’ he snarled ‘this is our charge; our place in the universe is to serve the Amarr for they are the one true race!’
It was at this point that the small metal cylinder rolled from my pocket, my father bent to pick it up. I was still stunned from the blow and trying to regain my feet. ‘What is this?’ he said glaring at me and shaking it in my face.
I could not even think straight I was so angry at this man before me.
‘Its poison! To kill that amarrian lord that you serve so faithfully, I’m going to do what you should have done when he had my mother killed!’
‘Poison! I will not let you harm him and his guards tried to save your mother not kill her. How can you be so ungrateful for all he and the Amarr have done for us and our people!’ The hate in his eyes was intense as was the shrill of his voice.
‘Have done for us!!!! You’re insane! They have enslaved our people, they beat, rape and murder us everyday. They have punished me my whole life, beating and hunting me, they raped and murdered my mother and killed the very soul of my father! They took all I ever had and you who should hate them the most are the one who defends and protects them??’ I protested in disbelief in what I was hearing.
‘You are a traitor! I will ask the lord to forgive you this one last time and will be my son no longer, if you are lucky they may not kill you if you turn in who helped you get this.’ With this he turned to open the door and take the poison to the lord.
‘I’m a traitor! It’s you who is the traitor, traitor to your people, your family and yourself. I can not let you do it again!’ With this I lunged forward grabbing the Khumaak off the side table as I went and without a moments hesitation I brought it down on the back of his head. My father went crashing to the floor in a pool of blood, his eyes spinning around wildly. He lay there like a wounded animal staring up at me from the floor, I stood with the Khumaak above my head with little droplets of blood dripping onto my face. ‘You are not the man I called father, he was killed the night my mother was murdered, you are an impostor who wears my fathers face and dishonours him. I release his soul!’ With that I brought the Khumaak down as hard as I could on his head again. With a heavy thud and a small cry the man I had once called father died.

I picked up the small cylinder from his dead hand, I was covered in blood and I knew I did not have long till the evening meal was called. Our room had been improved in rest years due to my fathers loyalty and we were now able to lock our door against the other slaves, the lord kept a key however. I pulled his body from the door way, lay him on his bed and threw a cover over him, it would have to do there was no time to hide the body properly. Just then there was a bang on the door, ‘hello’ I shouted.
‘The masters meal will be ready in 10 minutes, you need to report to the chef and collect it, I would not be late again Starchaser.’ The young serving slave warned.
‘Today will be the last time I am late serving his meal you have my word on that I swear it!’ I replied through the door.
‘Very well, 10 minutes.’ She said dismissively and with that she walked away.
There was not much time now, I ran into the shower pulling off my blood covered clothes as I went. It was only when I was washing the blood from my hair did I truly realise how much blood I had spilled. I could feel tears welling at the thought of my dead father but I pushed them away, it had to be done and it’s what my true father would have wanted! As I dried myself I saw all the blood on the walls and tried to not stand in any of it, how could so much blood come from one person? Once dressed I put the cylinder in my pocket, wiped down the Khumaak and threw it out of the window into the bushes below. I unlocked the door, turned out the light and stepped out into the hall. I was careful to lock the door behind me then ran to the kitchen dressed in my best serving clothes. As I got closer to the kitchen I could smell the delicious smell of fresh cooked Long-limb Roes, the lord will have a nice final meal I thought shame I won’t be here to watch him die though.

The meal plates were set out ready for me as I arrived and I casually picked them up and placed them on the serving trolley as I have done a thousand times before and began to push it up the hall way towards the dining room. As I got near the doors I suddenly realised that I had forgotten to put the poison on my lord’s meal! I had been so worried about being caught I had totally forgotten to add it. I stopped next to a large wall cupboard, had a quick look around and hastily pulled the cylinder out of my pocket. My hands were shaking so much that I dropped the cylinder on the floor, as I bent to pick it up a hand reached out before mine and picked it up instead. I slowly looked up it was the chief food taster, a slave like me and someone I had known my whole life. He had been a friend of my mothers and had even helped school me as a child in the ways of the Minmatar Brock was an old brutor who had once been free but was captured and sold into slavery and controlled using vitoc, he had no love of the Amarr but he did have a family now and who would want the painful death not getting the anti-poison would bring if he did not obey his Amarr master. I knew I was caught, he could not risk helping me even if he wanted to his whole family would be killed if he was found to be involved.
‘What’s this starchaser?’ he asked with a puzzle look.
‘Its just some hand cleaner I picked up at market’ I couldn’t think of anything else to say, my mind was blank and my heart racing.
Brock unscrewed the lid and smelled inside. ‘Funny smells exactly like a little know type of caldari poison to me’. The amarr had gone to great pains to train Brock to be able to identify poisons to better protect his master from an untimely and painful death.
He stared at me intently. I lowered my head and speaking softly said ‘its poison. I was going to poison the lord’s meal. I know this would have killed you too and that’s something I never wanted but I swear the death would be quick and painless. I would not have agreed to do it otherwise. What are you going to do?’
Brocks face gave nothing away as to his feelings on the matter, so all I could do was stand and wait for the brutor to speak ‘If they were to find out I helped you my whole family would be killed, what do you think I’m going to do?’
Brock looked at me a while longer. ‘This may not have worked you know? If you only put it on his plate, sometimes the lord will change plates with his wife after you leave. Not all the time but enough for you to never know which will be his and this is before I taste it.’
‘So I could have killed you and the lords wife and still missed my target?’ The thought of this sickened me.
‘The only answer is to place it in all the meals’ he said then tipped the cylinder evenly over both plates and looked at me with a half smile. ‘I don’t want to live as a slave and this death is fast & painless and I get to take an amarrian lord with me. Plus they will never think me to have been involved if I die too which protects my family. Now chin up stop shaking for minmatar sake and get in there and do your duty.’
I did not know what to say. ‘But what if they suspect you?’
‘The amarr are self serving, honourless dogs, they cannot understand sacrificing one’s self for others so the thought of me doing it will never even enter their minds. Now go before someone notices how long it’s taken you to walk up a hallway Starchaser’
I steadied myself, pushed the trolley to the door, I could not believe what Brock was going to do, to eat this poison just to make sure the lord dies too. I knocked on the dining room door and one of the guards inside opened up to me, took one look at the food then told me to enter. The room was lavishly decorated, with lots of gold and high ceilings and there he sat on his massive chair at a table 20 people could sit round with his wife opposite him.
‘Bring the food boy!’ he bellowed at me. I placed the plate in front of his wife then in front of the lord as I had been trained to do, bowed before him and asked if there were anything else he needed? ‘Just send in the food taster and get out of my sight’ he said with a snarl.
‘Yes my lord, enjoy your meal.’ I said curtisively. I bowed and turned with a smile on my face and walked out the room.
As I left the room Brock nodded to me and began to walk in, as we passed he put his hand on my shoulder and said quietly in my ear ‘Live free, die well and take as many amarr with you as possible’. Words I will remember forever and words I have changed slightly to make my own in recent years too.
The doors closed behind me and I waited listening intently, and after a couple of minutes I heard Brocks voice through the door. ‘This food is the best chef has ever made, it is safe’.
I walked down the hall out through the kitchen and into the garden outside, I circled the outside wall until I reached the bush below my old window. In the bush lay the Khumaak, which I had used to kill my first minmatar traitor and inside this home was the first amarr I ever killed, he was dead already but would not know it for another 20 minutes. I picked up the Khumaak and holding it tightly I began to run to the south part of the woodlands I had run through so many times before and there at the south fence was the caldari merc with a hover car waiting. He cut the fence with a laser saw and I ran to him. ‘You did it?’ he asked.
‘Yes with a little help from an old friend’
‘And your father?’
‘He died a long time ago’.
With that we boarded the hover car and twenty minutes later I was leaving the atmosphere of Athar for the first, and last time. As I gazed out of the window I saw a bright explosion on the ground far below and seconds later saw the amarr navy destroy a caldari hauler in orbit. The caldari merc sitting next to me, put his hand to his ear listening to the radio mic for a moment nodded to himself then turned to me. ‘It is confirmed. The facility was destroyed with 100% death toll, your lord is dead and you son are a hero’ he said with a smile.
‘What now?’ I asked.
‘Now we get you back to minmatar’ the caldari said while studying a display of ships in the space around us.
I still could’nt believe that we had actually pulled it off, that I had managed to kill an amarrian lord but just then the thought that we were still not clear came rushing back to me ‘Wont the amarr navy stop all ships leaving this system now?’ I said ergently.
‘They will try but we have ways around that’ he said with a smile.
Just then the shuttles warp engines engaged and we were in warp to a piece of empty space more than 50AU’s from anything. It was there that I first saw a minmatar vessel, a giant ship compared to the shuttle we were in, a minmatar rapier force recon ship uncloaking what a sight to my eyes that was!! Our passenger cargo can was ejected from the small shuttle and scoped up by the freedom fighters rapier, where it instantly recloaked again and within a few hours we were crossing into minmatar space. I was debriefed by the freedom fighters command when we reached the system of Rens and during the debrief a soldier walked in pushing a vid-screen on a trolley. He turned it on and said “You should see this”. Standing back to I could see the screen it showed a live news feed from amarr space with a special message from the emperor of the amarr himself.
The emperor stood there in a full dress gown ornimented with gold and jewels. He was stood on a podium infront of an amarr seal and was glaring into the camera ‘Today we have seen a totally evil crime committed by minmatar terrorists!’ he growled.
This seemed to anger the freedom fighter that had brought in the vid-screen. ‘They always call us that, bloody slaver scum bags, they are the ones using terror to control innocents!’
The emperor’s voice came in again bringing my attention back to the screen ‘They destroyed a cloning facility and along with the clones of many brave amarr pod pilots, the clone of a lord of the amarr government, who was also assassinated by one of his own most trusted slaves StarCasher. StarCasher was later found to have also killed his own father and who may have been responsible for the death of his loyal mother some years earlier. Our intelligence leads us to believe he may have planned this whole attack, so as of right now the amarrian government is placing a 100million isk bounty on StarCasher as the new amarrian most wanted!’.
With this the freedom fighter turned off the vid-screen and turned to me, ‘I thought your name was Starchaser?’ he asked puzzled.
‘It is. Is there going to be a reply because if so I’d like to say something?’ I said.
‘HA! Amarr intelligence in deed ha ha. Can’t even get the name of their own most wanted right! We will reply feel free to leave a message on this.’ The freedom fighter handed me a small vid-recording unit, which later that day after the debrief I recorded this message for the amarr.
“Amarrian empire I was born a slave to you, I have seen first hand the evils you have committed against my people. You murdered my mother, destroyed my father and I have only just begun to bring you my revenge! The stupidity of your emperor has been shown for all to see, my name is starchaser but you can’t even get the name right of your most wanted. I will take this name and make it my own, as a sign of what the minmatar can do when we stand together, as a badge of honour for those I killed and the slaves that will be liberated this week thanks to your front line pilots not wanting to fly with out clones. I take the name StarCasher as a reminder of just how truly stupid and wrong the amarr are! StarCasher will become a name that will hunt you through the day and make you sleep with one eye open at night. Death to the AMARR!!”
This message was broadcasted along with the freedom fighters official response and seen by all the core systems of the amarr.
On my first day in the republic military academy I was sent to, as I walked through the doors I almost expected the jeers and boo’s I had suffered at the Amarrian School, but instead I was welcomed with cheers from my fellow students. My days there past quickly and I graduated top of my class and was put forward for Special Forces training. When I finished training I served a month with the republic fleet before deciding it was not for me, I wanted to be on the front lines taking the fight to the amarr. It was then that I met Eddie Gordo and found the Ushra’Khan. With these brave band of freedom fighters I did not only find warriors of the same mind and hearts as me but I at last found a true home and a real family.

You are all truly my brothers and sisters.
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Re: The Origin Of StarCasher

Postby Draugo Rana » Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:15 am

Cool story. As I was reading it I thought "but he spelled the name wrong" until you explained it in the end :)

One comment if I may is that the long blobs of text are sometimes hard to read. I'd break them into shorter paragraphs.

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Re: The Origin Of StarCasher

Postby Padaxes » Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:31 am

It is sad that so many of our Brothers and sisters have stories like this to tell.

In the past knowledge of atrocities faded as first those that experienced them died, and then time diluted the events into abstraction. We the new Immortals have a duty to pass on what happened to every generation so we never forget what the Amrrians did to us.
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Re: The Origin Of StarCasher

Postby StarCasher » Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:42 pm

I guess being a product of the Amarrian education system I never learnt about paragraphs lol
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