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A flash of blinding pain. A bright searing light. Then dark, complete nothingness, subjectively an instant, no more than an eye blink but it could have been years – last time it was.

Numbness, dark, slowly replaced by more pain and hazy dim illumination. From this fugue state my mind accelerates exponentially, memories rush back faster and faster - briefly threatening to overwhelm my senses, until I am me again. The pain I feel is excruciating for a moment, not physically but emotionally, as I relive events from my past before I lock them securely away again once more.

I open my eyes, my vision slowly clears and the room swims into focus, slightly distorted by the glass of the clone bay. Technicians bustle about, one glances up and comes over as my casket cracks open with a hiss, the front swinging smoothly away.

He runs through the normal procedure, I humour him, flexing my hands, answering his questions as I examine my new body. I say new, but I must look older than the technician, I hook into the clone bay camera systems and examine myself, same old me. I keep the scars because each one is a reminder, each one is a lesson learnt.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Or in this case I muse, what kills you makes you stronger.

The technician watches me curiously no doubt wondering why I am smiling sardonically.
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