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The mustering hall in our forward staging post had been draped in cloth, transforming it to a traditional Minmatar tent, we make do as best we can in these times. The air is hazy with pungent incense, as I first enter the shadowy space the first thing that hits me is this smell. I am transported briefly back to my Volulval ceremony on Matar many years ago.

Shaking my head I join the ranks of my Brothers in arms and stand with them facing the makeshift altar. Starcasher, our Chifu takes the stage arrayed in his traditional tribal cloak and clutching a Khumaak. A slow drum beat begins echoing portentously in the small space. After a moments pause he summons Gorlish to the front, he unsheathes an antique looking but still razor sharp knife and holds it out hilt first.

“Gorlish stand before me and take this knife of our forefathers”

“It is with great honour that I take this knife from you my Chifu” Gorlish replies in the correct form.

“You stand before the Masuat'aa Matari Chifu a Kisasa. You have proven your loyalty and spilled the blood of our foes in the name of your tribe.” Starcasher intones and raises the bloodstained Khumaak, our eyes follow it raptly.

“Here is the blood of our tribe, of all our brothers and sisters that have ever been”

Starcasher now extents the Khumaak towards the initiate, looking hard into his eyes. I remember vividly how hard it is to meet your Chifus unwavering, intense gaze at that moment.

“We invite you to join us as our kin. Will you add your blood to ours and choose your path? Tahiri warrior or Urai warrior of Masuat'aa Matari.”

Their eyes remain locked as Gorlish replies.

“I would gladly give all of my blood for my brothers and my people. I would be honoured to be known as an Urai warrior”

“Then add your blood with the knife of our tribe to that of our fore fathers and repeat this oath”

“I Gorlish pledge my life to my Matari brothers, to stand with them, to free them, to smite the Amarr and to aid Masuat'aa Matari in any way, in life and by death.”

As he repeats the solemn vow the new Urai cuts his palm with the ancient knife and lets the blood flow onto the proffered Khumaak,

Starcasher raises the symbol above his head, drops of fresh blood falling around him and shouting now. “Here stands before me Gorlish Urai warrior of Masuat'aa Mattari and my brother. Fear him Amarr! I have warned you all!”.

Gorlish drops to his knees.

“Arise brother!”

We cheer as Gorlish gets to his feet and gather round him congratulating him.

“Thankyou my Chifu and my brothers. It is a great honour to be considered your brother in arms. May we strike fear into the hearts of Amarrian scum throughout New Eden!"
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