... Incoming transmission from Tenerfis ...

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... Incoming transmission from Tenerfis ...

Postby Veda Ituin » Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:53 pm

[A grainy transmission flicker onscreen, a grim looking Sebiestor at the helm of a Svipul comes into view.]

Greetings Masuat'aa Matari, rumours have reached these distant areas of New Eden of a resurgence... 30-40 man Ushra'Khan fleets... victory in the war zone... new blood in the Ushra'Khan leadership... many new brothers and sisters swarming to join the fight... even raids into Providence...

...I am still sworn to the cause... ready to respond...

...please send word ... of... ...

[The transmission dies.]
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Veda Ituin
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Re: ... Incoming transmission from Tenerfis ...

Postby StarCasher » Tue Jul 19, 2016 12:59 pm

[StarCasher finishes clicking connectors in places and actives the signal boost amplifiers on his station console]

Come in Veda Ituin.....

I am gladden to hear that news of our victories have reached you deep in Tenerfis. Long has UK been struggling to maintain our fight against those loyal to the Amarr but we are now once again growing strong and taking back that which belongs to our people.

Many times you have stood with us, flown with us and bled with us. If you are once again feeling the call in your blood, and the surge in your soul, then we stand ready to welcome you back within our ranks, within our family.

[Transmission ends]
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Re: ... Incoming transmission from Tenerfis ...

Postby Marus Sulla » Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:10 pm

[Transmission Active]
[Undisclosed Location]

Brother, good to see you are still active. I have recently rejoined the U'K after fighting in the north. Will be good to see your ships back in our hangars.

[Transmission Closed]
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Marus Sulla
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Re: ... Incoming transmission from Tenerfis ...

Postby Veda Ituin » Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:59 pm

[A stable connection appears onscreen, with Veda Ituin at the console of a Flying Storm a Nidhoggur class carrier...]

Greeting's Chifu and Marus,

I am pleased to report that plans are proceeding better than expected, after only three days at the helm of my Cheetah I managed to find a suitable wormhole leading from Tenerfis to The Forge... despite the hazardous nature of these unstable routes through space, I managed to form a small fleet and move Flying Storm to Maila. Alas, I must return to Tenerfis quickly before this temporary route vanishes, as I have other assets that require a somewhat similar route... now if only I could find a wormhole to Olfeim...

Fly with honour!

[Transmission terminated]
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